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Waratah Blossom Mattress


Comfort Layers

Conventional Premium Foams


Sanitised Stretch Knit Fabric

Support Material

3 Zoned Pocket Spring with Perimeter Zoning


Poly, Conventional Pre-compressed Foam

Mattress Size:Single




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Product Dimension
Size L (cm) W (cm) H (cm)
Single 0 0 0
Double 0 0 0
Queen 0 0 0
King Single 0 0 0
King 0 0 0
Long Single 0 0 0
Super King 0 0 0
Product Description

The Waratah Blossom Mattress features a traditional sensor top design with a sanitised stretch knit fabric that provides a soft touch and superior body conforming. Its quilting layers offer support and pressure relief, while the comfort layers vary based on the firmness level, including plush memory foam for added luxury. The mattress incorporates an ETP (Extra Turn Pocket) 3-zoned pocket spring system with perimeter zoning for targeted support and edge-to-edge comfort.



Fabric/Design: Benefits
  • Traditional sensor top
  • Sanitised Stretch Knit Fabric
  • Adaptive application
  • Cools the body naturally, inhibits bacteria growth and absorbs moisture.
  • Soft touch fabric, superior body conforming
  • Moisture wicking application keeps you drier and more comfortable during the night.
  • All foam layers are Australian Made and Sanitised
    • Firm: Conventional Pre-Compressed Foam
    • Medium: Poly, Conventional Pre-compressed Foam
    • Plush: Poly, Conventional Pre-compressed Foam
  • Support for the body while creating comfort whilst eliminating pressure.
  • Traditional sensor top design giving high quality pressure relief during the night
Comfort Layers  
  • All foam layers are Australian Made and Sanitised
    • Firm: Conventional Premium foams
    • Medium: Conventional Premium foams
    • Plush: Convoluted, Conventional Premium foams, Memory Foam
  • Premium Quality Layers are used to obtain the three highest quality feels possible while creating continued pressure relief and support during the course of the night
  • Memory Foams luxurious feel provides excellent pressure point relief and comfort for a better night’s sleep.
Support Layer  
  • 3 Zoned pocket spring with perimeter zoning, manufactured by BedMaster
  • Perimeter Zoning
  • ETP Spring Unit (Extra Turn Pocket)
  • Butterfly Edge Guards
  • Exclusive Australian made 3 Zone Spring unit provides added support were needed.
  • Perimeter Zoning ensures added edge to edge comfort
  • An extra turn pocket spring improves performance
  • Extra edge supports provide greater edge support
Protect, Care and Warranty

Protecting your Mattress

It is recommended that your mattress be fitted with a high quality waterproof mattress protector at all times, to protect it from staining and soiling.

Rotating your Mattress

To ensure maximum mattress performance, you should equalise body signatures, which is achieved by rotating your mattress. Rotate your mattress from end to end every 90 days and more regularly for the first three months.

Handling your Mattress

It is recommended that two people carry a mattress at anytime. Do not lift the mattress by its handles as it may damage the mattress. The handles are to assist you in rotating only.

Cleaning your Mattress

While all our fabrics and foams are treated against mould, mildew and dustmites, we recommend that you vacuum your mattress periodically to help remove any dust mites that may cause allergies. Refer to law tag that is attached to your mattress for care instructions.

Having a Proper Base

Bedmaster Bedding mattresses are designed to used on solid slat bases. Slats should be no more than 70mm apart and have a centre rail for support. Flexible slats and bases such as posture slats and sprung bases do not offer appropriate support and will impair mattress performance and will damage the mattress.

Body Signature

Your body signature is the impression that your body makes on the surface comfort layers of the mattress. it is a sign that the mattress is adapting and conforming to your body shape and weight. Please be aware that it can take up to 30 days or more for your body and mattress to adjust to the feel and support of the new sleep system.

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